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Music Projects

Kelly Rain is a Tokyo based artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. His projects span a wide range of music genres from the darkwave/gothic inspired "The Fall People" and "Ninth Circle" to the ambient and global music inspired "Rain In Eden" and "Kelly Rain - Ambient Dreams".

Kelly works with their partner Megumi Rain and the pair have been active both as artists and as promoters of music and events in their Tokyo based community. 

The Fall People

The Fall People is a Darkwave/Gothic Blues music project by Kelly Rain. It explores themes of gender identity, social issues and life. The music blends elements of guitar based alternative with electronic music. 

See more at: The Fall People Home Page

Kelly Rain - Ambient Dreams

Ambient Dreams is an electric ambient music project by Kelly Rain. The project blends Berlin School inspired synthesizer music with contemporary themes and sounds. Kelly uses hardware analog and digital synthesizers, software synths, ambient guitar and traditional instruments.

Rain In Eden

Rain In Eden explores Silk Road inspired music blending electronic music with traditional instruments from Japan and Central Asia. Fronted by Megumi Rain and Kelly Rain, this project began in 2003. 

See more at: The Rain In Eden home page. 

Megumi Rain: Vocals, Japanese Shamisen, percussion, Hu Lu Si, Santoor, electronic instruments. 

Kelly Rain: Vocals, Oud, Saz, percussion, electronic instruments. 

Ninth Circle 1993-1998

Kelly began his music career with his project Ninth Circle signed to Ivy Records in Seattle in 1996. Ninth Circle is a gothic/darkwave project blending guitar based gothic and dark wave sounds with electronic music. 

1996 - 1998 Members: Kelly Rain, Greg Forscher and Julie Davis

Ninth Circle - 2012-22

In 2012 Megumi and Kelly Rain started working on new Ninth Circle covers and songs under the new band "The Fall People". This track is one of the covers of Kelly's 1994 song. 

2012-2022 Members: Kelly & Megumi Rain

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