Music is life to me, creating it, listening to it, experiencing it and exploring it. It is so much a part of my story that it is unimaginable to tell it without the soundtrack that music provided. 

I've created band pages for each of my primary projects and this summary page to share the music that I have made over the years. I will also post regular blog entries on both new music I make and about music from other artists that inspire me. 

Here are a few examples of the music projects that have be definitive parts of my life experience as a composer, musician and artist. Follow the links to complete pages for the bands I've been a part of. 

So here is some of the music and performances by Kelly Rain and my amazing creative partners over the years. 

Rain In Eden explores Silk Road inspired global fusion music. We bring together traditional acoustic instruments from Japan, Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan blended with electronic music and our own original compositions. 

​Visit our website for more music and information.

Ninth Circle is a dark wave/gothic music project founded in Seattle in 1993 and voted in the top 100 bands of Seattle in 1997. Signed to Ivy Records in 1996 the band released the self titled CD that same year. 

​Visit our page on this site for more music, photos and information about Ninth Circle

The Fall People is Kelly Rain's ambient electronic music project exploring dreamlike ambient melodic and etherial environments. Formed in 2016 and still actively performing.  

Visit our dedicated page on this site for more.


Luminesque was a Seattle based electronic pop music project founded in 1997 with Kelly Rain, Hiroko Sato and Elisa Chough. The trio performed electronic music with guitar and vocals.

​Check out our Bandcamp page for more. 


10:30 is a dark illbient project formed in 1998 by Kelly Rain. It explores industrial drum and bass hybrid sounds exploring dark elements and new horizons for industrial music. 

​Check out our Bandcamp page for more.