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About Non-Binary.Me


I am Kelly Rain welcome to Non-Binary.Me 


Where to start?

My name is Kelly Rain and I am an amab Non-binary/Androgyne person. This page is not only my project to share my writing, music and fashion, but it is also my way of coming out publicly, without limitation, for the very first time. 

So it is official:  I am Non-Binary, I identify as an Androgyne person. 

Who Am I?

I am American, but I live in Tokyo, Japan with my amazing wife and best friend Megumi Rain. I moved here twenty two years ago to explore living abroad and ended up creating an entirely new life in Japan. ​

What Do I Do?

I split my life between my career in media technology and my creative projects as a writer, musician and co-owner of Cafe Cheshmeh. I have over thirty five years experience in managed technology services and service management and reporting. My creative career in music and creative events spans nearly 30 years. 


Cafe Cheshmeh

Megumi Rain and I own an amazing little arts and music events cafe in Sasazuka, Tokyo, Japan, not far from central Shinjuku in the heart of the city. It is called Cafe Cheshmeh (Persian for Spring of Inspiration) and have been home to an amazing community of musicians, artists, performers, instructors and more for over nine years now.Cheshmeh is an LGBTQIA+ safe space and meeting place where diverse creative people come together from all over Japan and the world. 


We also produce a regular live stream called Cafe Cheshmeh TV.


My Creative Life 

I am a musician and composer, I started my music career with Ivy Records in Seattle Washington as singer, songwriter for the band "Ninth Circle" a dark wave/gothic project in the mid 1990s.


After moving to Japan, I joined Megumi Rain in creating Rain In Eden, a fusion project blending traditional ethnic instruments from the Silk Road region with original compositions and electronic music. 


I also compose and perform ambient and experimental electronic music as "Kelly Rain" exploring everything from soundscapes to melodic Berlin Style electronic music.


"The Fall People" is my most recent project. It is a Darkwave/Gothic blues project devoted to topics and themes around gender identity.


My Writing

I am a writer and often write on topics ranging from social and political issues to gender identity topics. I am working on my first book devoted to my experiences as an older Non-binary person. Through this site I hope to share more of my writing and hopefully share something helpful and encouraging to other gender diverse people out there. ​



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