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Where to start?

My name is Kelly Rain and I am an amab Non-binary/Androgyne person. This page is not only my project to share stories abourt Non-Binary people, but it is also my way of coming out publicly, without limitation, for the very first time. 

So it is official:  I am Non-Binary. More on this later in blog posts. 


Who Am I?

My story is too long to tell here, but along the way with this site I will share more about me and my life experience. For now, I'll share just a bit so you know a little about who I am and why this site is so important to me. 

I am American, home in the US was Utah and Seattle, but I live in Tokyo, Japan with my amazing wife and best friend Megumi Rain. I moved here twenty years ago to explore living abroad and ended up creating an entirely new life in Japan. 

I will share a lot about life in Japan in the posts here too.


What Do I Do?


First, I work as a technology Business Continuity, Reporting and Communications manager for a small Asia Pacific regional managed services firm. I've been in the corporate business and technolgy industry for thirty years. 

Cafe Cheshmeh

Megumi Rain and I own an amazing little arts and music events cafe in Sasazuka, Tokyo, Japan, not far from central Shinjuku in the heart of the city. It is called Cafe Cheshmeh (Persian for Spring of Inspiration) and have been home to an amazing community of musicians, artists, performers, instructors and more for over six years now.


Cheshmeh is an LGBTQ+ safe space and meeting place where diverse creative people come together from all over Japan and the world. 

Now that we are in a pandemic, we are sadly closed, but we have kept our community alive with a regular live stream called Cafe Cheshmeh TV.

My Creative Life 

I am a musician and composer.


I started my music career with Ivy Records in Seattle Washington as singer, songwriter for the band "Ninth Circle" a dark wave/gothic project in the mid 1990s.


After moving to Japan, I joined Megumi Rain in creating Rain In Eden, a fusion project blending traditional ethnic instruments from the Silk Road region with original compositions and electronic music. 

I also compose and perform ambient and experimental electronic music as "Kelly Rain" exploring everything from soundscapes to melodic Berlin Style electronic music. "The Fall People" is my Darkwave project. 


Why Did I Start This Site?

I started this site because I felt that the Non-binary representation online did not include people like me. I am older, AMAB and didn't see people like me widely represented on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, almost not at all in mainstream media.

For my generation Non-binary wasn't an option, we were seen as probably gay, femme guys or butch girls or simply strange people who didn't fit in. I never had an easy way or set of terms to explain how I saw my self to others. Who would be unlikely to understand anyway? So I didn't try, I kept it to myself. 


When I first started reading stories about Non-binary gender identity I could hear my story in their stories, but I did not see people from my generation or experience. The more I explored, the less represented I realized many demographic groups that make up our community are. But I now had terms to express my experience and I knew it was time to start finally speaking up.



I want to speak up, be visible and help others feel included and visible too. I want to curate stories, insights and more about the amazing diversity of the global Non-binary community and bring it together where it can be shared.  I want to tell my story, of course, but I believe it is critical that I also find ways to help others tell their stories too. 

So that is what I hope to do here. With your help. And with your encourement.

​I am Kelly Rain and I am Non-Binary Me 









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