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Fashion & Lifestyle

My lifestyle is just a collection of things that make me happy, things that make me feel like me. Fashion is just one part that lets me express who I am. Fashion is defiant, political and a way to claim my place in the world around me. Most of all, it is just fun.


Summer Skirt O'neil of Dublin tartan skirt & Dr.Martens quad platform shoes. Photo by: Megumi Rain


Real and Virtual Me photo by Megumi Rain


Boardwalk Empire inspired outfit with Comme des Garcons pleated skirt and Stetson Homburg hat. All found items in Tokyo 2nd hand fashion shops. Photo by Megumi Rain

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Androgyne T-Shirt by Megumi Rain and O'neil of Dublin tartan in vivid pink. Photo by: Megumi Rain


Wandering Around Tokyo Simple summer skirt with classic band shirt and Docs. Photo by Megumi Rain


Simple skirt and shirt at home. Photo by: Megumi Rain


Long & Dark Gothic style layered skirt. Photo by: Megumi Rain


Yohji Yamamoto pleated skirt. Photo by Megumi Rain


New Wave Shot from our cover video of "Fade to Gray" by Visage. Image from


Simple Skirt and Waffle Shirt Photo by Megumi Rain


Androgyne Flag Comme des Garcons wrap skirt in our studio. Photo by Megumi Rain


Street Look We wander around Tokyo, exploring quiet areas and finding tiny shrines. Photo by Megumi Rain

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