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My name is Kelly Rain and I am Non-binary. 

This the first time I have said this publicly, without any limitations. It took a lifetime to get here, and it was difficult to find the courage to finally do it. I am proud to be truly me, the time has come to fearlessly embrace who I have aways been.

I am sure there are more subtle ways to come out than by creating a website. But I want to shine a light on Non-binary life experience, our diversity, creativity and everyday lives.

Non-binary people are under-represented and too often misunderstood in the mainstream world. It is time for that to change.


It is up to us to shine a into our lives and our community to show the world who we are, to raise awareness, share our stories and dispel stereotypes and misconceptions. 

Non-Binary Me will share my world and experiences as an AMAB Non-binary/Androgyne person. I hope to share what inspires me, drives me, and makes my life what it is. I hope doing so will show what the life of just one Non-binary person is like. 


I'm not good at selfies, I am even worst at planned photos, so please forgive a lot of distracted looking phone in mirror shots. This is the real me, simultaneously eccentric and unapologetically weird and quite shy and awkward too. I don't want to dress up my image too 

much or make it into something I'm not. This is how I am in real life and what you see here is what you'd see if you met me in the real world.

I love to write and talk about what inspires me. I'm noisy, curious, opinionated, critical, complicated, goofy, strange and sometimes quite naive. I'll make blogs, vlogs, some pod casts and stories about whatever inspires me or captures my imagination or passion. I hope some of it will be interesting to you too.


So if you are interested in every day Non-binary realness, I hope you'll subscribe and drop by often, I promise I'll keep things going as often as I can. 


​Welcome to and thanks for sharing your time with me.


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