Ambient Electronic Music

"The Fall People" is a dark alternative music project with Megumi and Kelly Rain. The Tokyo based duo explore music from the edges of their dreams. From darkwave to dream pop and ambient, the project has no fixed genre. Instead they explore what inspires them and what their imaginations bring to life.


Founded in 2016, the Tokyo based project began as an ambient project and quickly spread into new genres. The band is heavily inspired by the 4AD period of music in the late 1980s where genre was set aside in favor of musical freedom and authenticity. 

Kelly comes to the band from Ninth Circle (Ivy Records Seattle) a darkwave and gothic project as well as a founding member of the Silk Road fusion project "Rain In Eden." 

Megumi comes from a long background in traditional Japanese music and as a founding member of the Silk Road fusion project Rain In Eden. 


The Fall People are: 

Kelly Rain - Composition, synths, vocals, guitar, acoustic instruments and production.

Megumi Rain - Vocals, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, visuals and art.

kelly live.jpg

Kelly Rain "The Fall People" Live at Cafe Chehmeh  Feb 8th 2020 

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The Fall People:  Megumi and Kelly Rain  purple and pink docs at Honancho, Tokyo, Japan Winter 2019-2020

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Music & Video

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Korgis cover by THE FALL PEOPLE

The Fall People cover the Korgis hit "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" 

The music video is their remake of Dr. Caligari's Cabinet using old and new footage and playing the roles themselves in some parts.

Wax and Wane - Cocteau Twins Cover by THE FALL PEOPLE

Megumi Rain created, programmed, sang and made this video for this classic Cocteau Twins cover. 

The Spoils - Massive Attack cover by THE FALL PEOPLE

Megumi sings this cover. The video was made by Kelly and Megumi while in lockdown. 


A cover of Kelly Rain's 1996 song Rain. The song was originally released by his Ivy Records recording artist band "Ninth Circle". This remake celebrates the 25th year of the writing of that song.

Themes Series - Vol. 1 "Dream Within A Dream

​Part 1 of a three part series exploring internal spaces of the mind. Dream Within A Dream explores the dreams and stories of the subconscious mind. Performed live at Cafe Cheshmeh, Tokyo on February 8th 2020.

The Fall People : EAU VIVE : 

​Live performance at Hot Buttered Club, Tokyo, Japan 2018 with guest dancer Renka. 

The Fall People : LAMEMT : 

​Live streaming performance from Cafe Cheshmeh TV, Tokyo, Japan May 2020. Inspired by the emotions of the COVID-19 pandemic.