Ambient Electronic Music

"The Fall People" is an ambient electronic music project. The music explores the edges of dreams, memory and illusions to create imagined realities and environments through electronic music. 


Founded by Kelly Rain in 2016, the Tokyo based project performs using analog, digital and software synthesis, acousting instruments and samples and ambient sound to explore themes and ambient musical experiences. 

Kelly became obsessed with synthesizers as a kid during the 1970's and has spent over 30 years composing and performing electronic music. 


"The Fall People" are now working on series of thematic compositions inspired by the internal spaces inside us all where dreams and imagination allow us to escape into completely new worlds of experience. 


The Fall People are: 

Kelly Rain - Composition, synths, vocals, acoustic instruments and production.

Megumi Rain - Visuals, live synth support.

Kelly Rain "The Fall People" Live at Cafe Chehmeh  Feb 8th 2020 

The Fall People:  Megumi and Kelly Rain  purple and pink docs at Honancho, Tokyo, Japan Winter 2019-2020

Music & Video

Themes Series - Vol. 1 "Dream Within A Dream

​Part 1 of a three part series exploring internal spaces of the mind. Dream Within A Dream explores the dreams and stories of the subconscious mind. Performed live at Cafe Cheshmeh, Tokyo on February 8th 2020.

The Fall People : EAU VIVE : 

​Live performance at Hot Buttered Club, Tokyo, Japan 2018 with guest dancer Renka. 

The Fall People : LAMEMT : 

​Live streaming performance from Cafe Cheshmeh TV, Tokyo, Japan May 2020. Inspired by the emotions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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