Silk Road Exotica

Rain In Eden's music has been described as a journey that takes the listener to another world, a far and distant place where the magical stories of the Silk Road still exist. Instruments from distant places blend to evoke visions of vast deserts, seas of sand and wind, towering mountains and age old bazaars. 

Rain In Eden was inspired by the stories of the Silk Road where people from widely dispersed lands came together to trade culture, ideas and goods. The fusion of cultures inspired Megumi and Kelly Rain to blend traditional instruments with contemporary electronic music. From there, they began to explore musical traditions from all across the Silk Road region. 

Megumi Rain is a fourth generation Shamisen player, her experience with Eastern music provided the band with their initial grounding in traditional ethnic music.

Kelly Rain's work with electronic music and influences from Eastern European and Celtic music brought the western influences to the project. 

With the support of Dakini records artist and owner Gio Makyo, the band released the CD in 2010 on Tokyo's Amane Records with two tracks included on Dakini Records Tribal Fusion 2 release that same year. 


The band has been supported by amazing percussionists including Shuhey Yamaguchi, Shiori Ishida, Minowa and Yuzo from "Sag Chana".

The band is now recording their 2nd release due in early 2021.



RainInEden - Rain In Eden

2010 Amane Records

Debut CD featuring Megumi & Kelly Rain, Herman Bartelen, Shiori Ishida, Sag Chana and Gio Makyo.

​Recorded at Studio J. 


Tribal Matrix 2

2010 Dakini Records

​A compilation of tribal fusion music released by Gio Makyo's Dakini Records, Tokyo Japan. 


Kelly Rain


Megum Rain


Rain In Eden Quay, Omotesando, Tokyo  2011

Music & Video

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