Cafe Cheshmeh TV - Weekly Live Stream

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Introducing our weekly online Cafe Cheshmeh creative community streaming show on Facebook.

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Cafe Cheshmeh is a small events, music and culture cafe in central Tokyo not far from Shinjuku. We opened six years ago and have spent the time since supporting a wide range of music, art, creative events, dance and more. Our cafe is an LGBTQ+ safe space and is one of the most welcoming and friendly international spaces in the city.

In March, due to COVID-19 we had to close our shop. The close space meant we could not keep our community safe and still host events. So we did the only thing we thought was right, we closed. But we couldn't just put a pause on all the amazing creativity our community had to offer. So we started the Cafe Cheshmeh TV group on Facebook and began streaming live shows every Saturday night at 7pm Tokyo time.

Cafe Cheshmeh TV: Megumi and Kelly Rain from our home studio in Tokyo.

Cafe Cheshmeh TV features artists from all over the world. We invite live performances online as well as pre-recorded performances from artists who are unable to join us live. Our goal it to keep the arts alive and raise spirits while we are all in various stages of lockdown.

You can join our group and watch the show for free on our Facebook group page.

Check our our show trailer.

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