2021 marks the 25th year anniversary of Ninth Circle's debut CD. This dark wave/gothic etherial music project released their first album on Ivy Records in the fall of 1996. 

Founded by Kelly Williams and Greg Forschler, Ninth Circle were active in the vibrant gothic and industrial music scene throughout the 1990s in Seattle and the Northwest. 

Singer, songwriter, guitar and synthesizer player Kelly Rain started the band in 1993 after leaving "Reflecting Skin". He was joined by guitarist Greg Forschler (Fear of Dolls) in 1994 and began playing shows in late 1994. At their first show, they were approached by Ivy Records and soon joined the Seattle based indie label to release their self titled album in 1996, later distributed on Projekt Records and ADSR MusicWerks. 



After a long break, Ninth Circle are now working on a reunion EP to be released in 2021 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band's original release. Greg Forschler will return on guitar with Kelly writing, singing and programming once again. They will be joined by Megumi Rain of "Rain In Eden" on backing vocals. 




Ninth Circle "Ninth Circle 

​1996 Ivy Records

Self titled release on Seattle's Ivy Records and distributed by Projekt Records. 

Band Members:

Kelly Rain, Greg Forschler, Julie Davis and Sharon Hagy.


Ninth Circle c.1996 Greg, Julie & Kelly : Ivy Records release card. 

Ninth Circle c. 1994/5 Greg, Kelly Maureen in Volunteer Park, Seattle. Photo by Kathryn Felix Torrez 

NC 12.jpeg

Ninth Circle c.1994 John Clough, Sharon Hagy, Greg Forschler, Kelly Rain. At either Ok Hotel or Rock Candy Seattle. 

Music & Video

Ninth Circle "Isolation" 1996 - from the original Ivy Records release in 1996. Music and Lyrics by Kelly Rain, Guitar Greg Forscler 

Teaser:  Ninth Circle "Rain" 25th Anniversary Rough Pre-Release Version. Music and Lyrics by Kelly Rain, Programming, vocals and guitar by Kelly Rain.  Final edition will release in 2021.